Stock Control

Beyond Stock’s stock control module helps you monitor, manage and order stock.
Whether you’re a single site operator or a larger group we’ve got solutions to meet your needs.

Portion Control

Set your portion size through BackOffice and never worry about food GP again.

Beer by the pint, wine by the glass.

Drinks and food aren’t always the same. Measure your stock based on each unit.

Triggered Ordering

Set automatic orders when you fall under your expected par levels.

Never Carry To Much Stock

A smarter ordering system means you’ll never order too much Pimms in Winter.

Stock Safety Days

Keep your business safe by holding extra stock for events and bank holidays.

Product Countdowns

Never disappoint customers with oversold products.

Transfer Between Sites

Two-step verification ensures your stock transfers are effortlessly smooth.

Industries & Environments

Beyond Stock offers bespoke EPOS solutions to suit the needs of many industries including hospitality, accommodation, pubs, clubs, restaurants and retail.

Food Recipes and Costs

Price your dishes correctly with an ingredient based calculator.

Pin Point Accuracy

Work your stocks and GP down to the gram or mill.


Out of the box support for ingredient based cocktails.

Accurate Reporting

Endless options for reporting means you’ll never be left short of available data.

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