Product Management

Whether you’re managing 50 products in one location or 5,000 products across multiple locations we’ve got the solution for you.

Dynamic Pricing

Charge different prices from different locations within one site based on any variables you can imagine, including time.

Package Selection

Define pre-selected or open choice package products – perfect for set menus, meal and drink combos and wine flights.

Stock Exchange Pricing

We integrate with the world famous ‘stock exchange drinks’ system.

Kitchen Instructions

Communicate with your kitchen directly from the till with an advanced kitchen messaging system.


Create cocktails using ingredients and the stock automatically deducts from the right products.

Advanced Stock Takes

Customise your stock takes and the subsequent reporting to fit your needs.

Daily Specials

Configure your daily specials directly from the till.

Product Countdown

Count down your products to 0 to ensure smoother customer service.

Scale Integration

Whether your selling your steak by the gram or potatoes by the LB integrate directly.

One Product, Multiple Sizes

Each product can have multiple sizes meaning you’ll only ever have one product to manage.

Purchasing and Receiving

Create and Receive all of your orders from the till or management suite.

Comments and Recipes

Train your staff with product comments and notes so they’re aware of how to serve and upsell.

Industries & Environments

Beyond Stock offers bespoke EPOS solutions to suit the needs of many industries including hospitality, accommodation, pubs, clubs, restaurants and retail.

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