Manage Multiple Venues from One Location

Seamless Reporting

Dynamic reporting across all of your venues.

Stock Transfers

Move stock between venues and keep a track of all stock movements.

Global Products

Stop wasting time entering products in each of your venues.

Cross Venue Loyalty

Monitor and manage a complex loyalty scheme across your estate.

Time and Attendance

Keep track of staff wages and profitability.

Gift Vouchers

Issue gift vouchers for customers to use across your estate.

Live Sales Data

Monitor sales no matter where you are from your mobile phone.

Customer Profiling

Learn about your customers spending habits.

Cashless Payments

Take cashless payments and reduce your banking fees.

KeyLog Reporting

Each and every interaction with the till is recorded, should you ever need it.


Utilise all the data you have on your customers to market to them.

Cross Venue Loyalty

Share customers account information across your entire estate.

and much more.


View your entire group performance in one place.

Using Bepoz Mobile Reports, you can quickly access certain reports regarding sales information. Look at live statistics within your Venue using the interactive Dashboard or view one of the many fantastic reports such as your Banking Summary, Daily Totals, Discounts and more.

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