QSR EPoS Solutions

Speed and staff efficiency are the key to your business.
You need an EPoS system that makes selling easy, accurate and fast.

Speed of Service

Hands free login, and 2 taps to sale.

Eat In or Takeaway

Price your products accordingly, switch between prices seamlessly.

Your Order is Ready

Text or Tweet your customers to let them know their order is ready.

Extra Cheese

Completely customisable ordering. Allow your customers to have it their way.


Prompt your team to upsell on each and every order or upsell through a rear display.

Custom Format Receipts

Customise your receipts so they fit your brand perfectly or SMS them to customers.

Plan Your Next Order

Ordering your best sellers takes seconds with a stock system that works for you.

Industries & Environments

Beyond Stock offers bespoke EPOS solutions to suit the needs of many industries including hospitality, accommodation, pubs, clubs, restaurants and retail.

Integrated Payment Terminals

Speed up service!

Today by sending the exact transaction amount through to your PDQ machines instantly.

You’ll serve your customers quicker and more accurately and keep them coming back for more.

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