Finance Reporting and Features

Beyond Stock’s finance management solution puts you in complete control of the cash movement within your business.

Extensive and in-depth reporting is at your fingertips like never before with mobile reporting.

Foreign Currency Support

Accept foreign currency payments and accurately convert it to your home currency.


Monitor all of your cash expenses from the till or through Back Office

Banking Reports

Monitor your daily banked cash directly from the till.

Mobile Reporting

Updates of sales, refunds, cash payouts and more in real time on any mobile device.


Count your tills each night and cash them up directly from the till. Do it blind or with the expected data right infront of you.

XERO Integration

integrate with XERO to make your life easier and more easily manage your finances.


Count your PDQ totals, cash totals and more from one screen.

Discount Totaliser

Report on all the discounts given through your systems.

Industries & Environments

Beyond Stock offers bespoke EPOS solutions to suit the needs of many industries including hospitality, accommodation, pubs, clubs, restaurants and retail.

Per Operator Reporting

See your top performing members of staff.

Profit Reporting

Calculate your profits quickly and easily.

Stock Sales Reporting

Take control of your stock costs and selling prices.

Hour by Hour Reporting

View sales and profit on an hour by hour basis to see your busy periods and address staffing levels.

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